Provident Fund

A provident fund is a compulsory, government-managed retirement savings on behalf of their employees. The money in the fund is then held and managed by the government, and eventually withdrawn by retirees. Read More…


Governments (at all levels) and corporations commonly use bonds in order to borrow money. Governments need to fund roads, schools, dams or other infrastructure. The sudden expense of a war may also demand the need to raise funds. Read More…

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an entity that pools the money of many investors, its unit-holders, to invest in different securities. Investments may be in shares, debt securities, money market securities or a combination of these. Read More…

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are one of India’s favorite investment options, as they give investors the assurance of fixed returns, with high interest rates. We offer only fixed deposits from leading corporate houses. Read More…

We are Dimension Group

Dimension Group is a well-established corporate house, Incorporated & headquartered in Delhi providing financial services with a wide range of products.

DIMENSION Group is today a well-diversified conglomerate. Its businesses straddle the entire financial services spectrum as well as data processing and managing segments. Since most of its financial services were retail focused, the need to build scale and skill in the transaction processing domain became imperative. Also during stressed environment in the financial services segment, the non-financial businesses bring in a lot of stability to the group’s businesses.

The Dimension Group offers Financial Advisory Services, Distribution of Financial products (including mutual funds, bonds and fixed deposits), personal finance advisory services, corporate finance, Data management, Market Research among others.

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DIMENSION GROUP is a well-established corporate house, Incorporated & headquartered in Delhi providing financial services with a wide range of products. Dimension Group provides end to end personalised investment management services, which includes planning, advisory, execution and monitoring. Dimension Group has a presence across asset classes debt, fixed-income & mutual funds, with offline as well as online execution capabilities.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the finest financial thinking, products and execution. This means setting the highest standards for behaviors that embody our business principles.
To provide safe services to reduce systemic risk in an efficient and compliant manner while generating positive returns.

To create value for all stock holders by ensuring profitable growth.
To build an amicable environment that accords respect to every individual and permits their personal growth.

We @ Dimension Group